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What is Gold & Great?

Gold & Great is a podcast for expressing the experiences, stories, and narratives of the AAPI community, hosted by Kollaboration SF associates Long Vo and Elsa Lin.  A play on words, “Gold & Great” references the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most well-known infrastructures whose name originated as a symbol of travel and trade between Asia to America. Gold also represents happiness and prosperity in many Asian cultures, a color of empowerment and worth. The history of Asian America is one of taking what we have and converting it into golden opportunities, and as we continue to break down barriers, we’ll continue to shine even brighter. We want to understand the vast diversity of narratives and backgrounds that make up the AAPI community - this podcast tells the human stories of the Gold & Great.


What kinds of stories are featured on Gold & Great?

Our stories not only stem from our daily experiences as AAPIs in the Bay Area but also from our exploration of the creative communities around us. Gold & Great’s topics range from the journey of a professional AAPI influencer to a heart to heart conversation about the mental toll of being an Asian-American artist.

What’s the format of the podcast?

Every episode features a combination of two things - interesting conversations and interesting stories. You’ll hear about a variety of AAPI civic leaders, pop culture icons, artists, activists, and ordinary people bringing their narratives to our airwaves, with 1 or 2 short pieces per episode.

Where can I find Gold & Great?

We’re available on all podcast platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Spotify! You can also find us on Soundcloud and Youtube, and our programming is also featured on KollabRadio, the main podcast programming hub from our parent organization, Kollaboration.

What are some of the inspirations for the podcast?

Some podcasts we love and have used as references include: This American Life, Perfectly Imperfect, Invisibilia, The Dave Chang Show, Long Distance, Reply All, Whiting Wongs, First of All, Forum with Michael Krasny, and The KollabCast!

How can I get more content beyond Gold & Great?

Follow us on all social media platforms for the latest Kollaboration updates on events and workshops! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How can I get involved with Gold & Great?

Want to tell us about your AAPI story? Do you have friends or know artists who would make an interesting episode? Submit any ideas, recommendations, and suggestions to our email:

We’re a ragtag team made up of incredible volunteers who do what we do because we’re passionate about sharing AAPI stories with the world. You can support us in our mission by helping to cover operating costs by making a donation of any amount here!

How can I get involved with Kollaboration SF?

Check out our website and social media for any updates, including volunteer opportunities, content submission, and more!

Meet Our Team

Long Vo - Host

Long is the Creative Blogger of the Written Media team at KollaborationSF.  His full time career has been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant in San Francisco for the past 9 years. Graduating with a Music Business degree from University of Pacific and working at tech companies that pioneered digital media such as now-defunct Revision3, he is ready to revisit the digital space as the host of Gold & Great.

Elsa Lin - Host

Elsa is a Marketing Associate at Kollaboration SF. She is an SF native with a background in advertising, graphic design, and nonprofits. Currently, she works in HR at a fintech startup in the Financial District. Her passions include politics, the environment, the arts, and elevating the AAPI community.

Josh Ko - Executive Producer

Josh is the Ko-Executive Director of Kollaboration SF. He currently works full-time in the non-profit world working with high school youth, and over the past couple years, he’s been producing music-themed events and radio broadcasts in his spare time to promote AAPI talent and insightful conversations.  In his spare time, you can catch him catching up on his TV shows and looking for new foods to try out with his friends.

Ray Wong - Producer

Ray is the Co-Director of the Audio/Visual team of Kollaboration SF. He is a media artist specialized in commercial and non profit work. After graduating from the University of the Pacific, Ray produced content for KollabSF like the Community Spotlight series that showcases API non-profit leaders, actors and entrepreneurs. Outside of KollaborationSF, Ray goes out to hiking trips and becomes an lumberjack.

Michelle Abiera - Producer

Michelle is the Co-Director of the Audio/Visual Media team of KollabSF. She is a UC Berkeley Graduate of Film Studies with a heart for uplifting marginalized communities. As a Filipino American rediscovering her heritage & self-identity, she seeks to tackle the complications of post-colonial existence through media.

Jenny Li - Writer/Researcher

Jenny is the Co-Director of the Community Relations team at KollaborationSF. She leads a full-time career in software engineering, with a focus on human-centered design and a passion for exploring the impact of technology on society. Outside of work and Kollab, you’ll most likely find her at a concert, whether as a photographer or a fan.

Kristine Alarcon - Writer/Researcher

Kristine is the Co-Director of the Production and Programming team of KollaborationSF. She is nurturing a career in entertainment education by working full-time in a not-for-profit organization engaging with community health centers serving Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. Ask Kristine anything about Bay Area public transportation (BART, Muni, Caltrain, and the ACE train!), Day6, and AAPI cinema.