Hepatitis Awareness & Mental Health Awareness Month

May marks a time to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander American culture and heritage with fellows Americans throughout the country. However, it is also a time to generate conversation and awareness for viral hepatitis and mental health illnesses. Learning more about these illnesses are important to tackling the stigma and discrimination associated with them.

How My Pixie Cut Made Me Understand Asian American Beauty

When it comes to beauty standards, Asian American women face a unique struggle. The standards between Asian and American beauty are distinct from one another and each are often promoted by varying, prominent influences (beauty companies, family, celebrities, etc). In the end, where do Asian American women fall on the spectrum? Are we a blend of these standards? And if that's the case, then are we just a rejection of the beauty ideals of both?

The History of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

This year marks APAHM’s 41st anniversary of its signing as a national celebration in 1978. But the demand for APIs and their heritage to be recognized had a humbling start a few years earlier with the “Asian American Movement,” fostering first in the Bay Area. To know how APAHM came about, we need to first understand the world in the 1960s, its recovery from WWII, and the resulting shift of cultural and political trends.