Our application process:

We are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2019 Recruitment cycle until Sunday, September 22, 2019. All applicants will hear back on the status of their application no later than Monday, September 30. A staff orientation and retreat (4-5 hours) will take place Saturday, October 5 and kick off a six week fellowship program, concluding with a graduation on Saturday, November 16. Exceptionally qualified applicants (based on age and experience, among other factors) may have the option of bypassing the program and directly joining our staff.

APPLICATION: tinyurl.com/kollabsf2019

Over those six weeks, you’ll be placed in a cohort that will work collaboratively, spending time with members of our other teams and working on a joint group project and event. This entails a mandatory one hour meeting online each week, as well as additional time to work on a weekly exercise and fellowship-long project. The weekly meeting offers chances for logistical updates, education, and team building. During the course of the fellowship, you’ll gain skills in each of our departments, make new friends and connections in a wide range of fields, and will be offered a spot on one of our fully integrated teams in January. 

frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of the fellowship program? We aim to develop future leaders of the AAPI entertainment community. The program offers a chance for those interested to build and nurture their professional development, further understand their leadership potential, and learn the history of Kollaboration and our presence in the Bay Area.

  • What is the time commitment? The fellowship will take place from Saturday, October 5 thru Saturday, November 19. The estimated weekly time commitment is 5 hours, but this may vary week to week. With the exception of the mandatory meeting, the vast majority of your work will be done on your own time. The weekly meeting time will be determined with all the fellows’ schedules in mind and will last for a hour per week for 6 weeks.

    • Dates you will need to save: Saturday, October 5 (Fellowship Retreat); Saturday, October 26 (Empower Bay Area); Saturday, November 16 (Final Graduation and Celebration)

  • Can my fellowship hours count for community service or service learning hours? Yes! Kollab SF is more than happy to sign off on your hours.

  • What is the age requirement to work with Kollab SF? You must be at least 13 years old.

  • Are there any chances to meet current team members before I apply? Yes! We’ll be hosting a listening party in Berkeley and a happy hour in San Francisco. More details to follow.

  • What skills will I pick up from the fellowship program? We have opportunities, meetings, and workshops designed to teach you from a variety of disciplines, including marketing, graphic design, media production, leadership, storytelling, event planning, community organizing, and finance/business development.

  • How do I know which team I should join? Our fellowship program provides you with the opportunity to work with each team, allowing you and us to know where to best place you following the conclusion of the program.

  • Do I need a background or extensive experience in the creative arts to volunteer? Not at all! Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds - as long as you’re passionate about the cause and eager to learn, we invite you to apply to join our team.

  • What is your contact information? For any other questions, please contact us at sf.info@kollaboration.org.

our teams

Artist Development

Our role in Artist Development involves collaborating with artists and sharing their talent with the community. We put on events that showcase emerging talent, mixers connecting artists together, and public workshops that range in topic from dancing to songwriting.

Community Relations

Our Community Relations team engages with local businesses, universities, and other organizations to create greater awareness of our mission and expand our network of connections. We strengthen our visibility in the Bay Area through organizing fundraising events, concerts, craft fairs, and more.


As the Media Team, we create original content such as videos, podcasts, blog posts, and music playlists to share with the community. We record, edit, and produce videos of events and interviews, bringing the experience to a wider online audience. You can check out our Gold & Great podcast page for more info! Some of our past topics include event coverage of AAPI events, like Soft Power and NorCal Night Market, interviews with authors, including Lucy Tan, and other topics like Asian American beauty standards.


In Marketing, we manage the social media presence of KollabSF on outlets like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition to bringing attention to trending news in the general API community, we also promote relevant events happening in the Bay Area.


Our Production team specializes in day-of event coordination and programming. We ensure that our events run smoothly and that our event attendees enjoy their time with us.