How can you get involved?

Consider making a donation to our chapter to help support our cause and the events we put on. $1, $5, $100, every little bit counts!

If you can't make a donation, no worries! How about joining our team of awesome volunteer staff members? We have many teams that operate and "kooperate" to keep this chapter running smoothly. We're sure you'll find your place in no time.  

Speaking of time, are you running out of it? No problem! You can still support us by buying tickets, spreading the word, or even volunteering at one of our shows. Drop us a line on Facebook or contact us through the form below letting us know you want to help out.

To become a volunteer staff member, follow our social media and keep an eye out for our open recruitment period. The volunteer submission form will be available on our website when recruitment begins. 

Check us out on Facebook for all the latest updates and shows!

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